Do you need advice for the optimal care and conservation of your garden? Are you looking for a trustworthy professional landscaping company? Are you concerned about the environment?

At Emilio Flores Jardinería we are specialists in the maintenance of gardens and green areas.

We carry out gardening maintenance throughout Mallorca, for communities of owners, companies and individuals.

Due to our great experience, trajectory and personalized treatment, a multitude of clients trust us for the maintenance of their gardens.

We have state-of-the-art machinery on the market and soundproof to avoid discomfort and noise pollution.

Some tasks that we carry out in our garden maintenance service are:

  • Irrigation of plants, control and programming of the automatic irrigation system.
  • We analyze and assess the water needs of each garden so that the irrigation system uses the appropriate amount of water in each season.
  • We use the best fertilizers on the market to guarantee that the soil has the nutrients it needs in each season.
    Lawn care.
  • We evaluate the type of grass to perform the best mowing and profiling that each variety needs to guarantee correct maintenance.
    Sanitation pruning, training.
  • According to the needs of each plant or shrub.
  • Situation consulting.
    We value the light, humidity, wind, etc. that each species requires for its optimal development and growth.
  • Planting of species and seasonal flower.
    We energize your spaces so that they shine in all their splendor at every time of the year.
  • Preventive spraying and constant analysis.
    We create strategies to facilitate pest control, detection and treatment processes.
  • We use natural ecological and organic products.
    Without contaminants respecting the environment
  • We carry out special gardening maintenance work. Thanks to our long experience we have solved a multitude of problems that private gardeners have not been able to solve in their garden maintenance:
  • Identification and elimination of invasive species and pests in lawns.
  • Advice on the application of current laws on tree species.
  • Plant growth problems.
  • Evaluations and analysis of soils and irrigation waters.
  • Selection of species most appropriate to their environment.
  • Specific problems with specific tree species and hedges.