Do you need to Eliminate Red Weevil or Palm Beetle?

The Red Weevil can kill your palm trees

The red weevil is an insect that lives at the expense of palm trees, that is, it feeds on them, weakening them and finally killing them if they are not treated correctly.

the red weevil

Females lay eggs hidden in unsealed wounds on the palm, or between the bases of the leaves. The larvae hatch from the eggs, which can reach 5 cm. long and live inside the trunk and at the bases of the palm trees. When these larvae reach their last phase, they develop a brown cocoon made with the fibers of the palm tree itself, inside which they transform into pupae, and later, into adult beetles.

We are a certified company for any type of phytosanitary treatment you need for your garden. We are registered in the ROPO official registry of producers and operators of phytosanitary defense means, thus being authorized to carry out phytosanitary treatments.

We have an advisory service for all types of pests that you may have in your garden and thus be able to recommend the ideal treatment for each case, taking into account the needs of your trees, plants or grass meadow and the surrounding situation.”

At Emilio Flores Gardening we have the material and technical means to offer a phytosanitary treatment service appropriate to each case and situation.

We have qualified personnel equipped with all the means, in addition to continuing training, which allows us to be constantly updated on the latest advances in the sector and its techniques.

In line with its objective of using the necessary means to promote sustainability, it takes current legislation into account at all times, such as the control method in the use of phytosanitary products, in Annex I of RD 1311/2012, «Plan of national action for the sustainable use of phytosanitary products”.

It is important to record the responsible use of phytosanitary products, updating and keeping the Field Notebook up to date, as a basis for monitoring the traceability of the products obtained.

Application of phytosanitary products

Our gardening company in Mallorca offers this phytosanitary treatment service aimed at private gardens, companies, sports areas and forest areas, where we also carry out forest harvesting work, whether public or private, large or small.

The best treatment will be determined by an exhaustive study carried out by a qualified professional, who will choose the best treatment for the detected problem, carefully respecting the indications of the manufacturers of the phytosanitary products to be used and acting responsibly throughout the application process and subsequent waste management with authorized managers. Ask us for a budget